Etching with block printing 
Image size 7cms x 7ms
Hand printed on Stonehenge paper

Money can't buy happiness but it can by art supplies and that's pretty close.


Drawing is an integral part of the printmaking process. Etching allows the artist to create a more than one print from a plate, called editions. All of the prints for sale on this site are from limited editions.


Lino/Block Prints

This form of printing is often referred to as Relief Printing. Lino, wood, metal, rubber foam, even vegetables can be used as blocks or plates in relief printing. All of the prints for sale on this site are from limited editions.




A mono-print is a single impression of an image; rather than printing multiple copies of a single image, only one impression may be produced, either by painting or making a collage on a block (glass, cardboard, wood etc.).



I have to draw every day, it's what keeps me sane!

While drawing is an integral part of the printmaking process, as an artist I find I am producing more and more drawings as finished art. My preference is to use pen and ink or felt pen.



I have had an interest in art for as long as I can remember and that interest has been a major influence through my tertiary education as an art educator and artistic career. My wife, Maryanne and I have two children.


I have travelled overseas five times; once with a group of student teachers on an around the world tour of art galleries. As a printmaker I specialise in etching and lino printing and have exhibited my work in Adelaide in group, one-man exhibitions and in 2015 with my son, Pirie Martin. I am a member of the Print Council of Australia and have a keen interest in art history.


My heroes include Vincent Van Gogh, Hokusai, Rembrandt, Fred Williams, John Olsen and Brett Whitely while my other interests include sport, computing/multimedia and reading. I spent much of my youth surfing, drawing, surfing, drawing and surfing; I still have my favourite surfboard.



Please feel free to contact me. I would really enjoy hearing from you if you have any questions or comments about my work and/or blog posts. I will do my best to reply as soon as I can. Your email address will not be used or any purpose other than replying to you. If you live in or are visiting Adelaide and would like to visit my studio to see work 'in the flesh' I am more than happy for you to contact me so we can arrange a suitable time.
John Martin
Adelaide, South Australia
Email: martinart@tpg.com.au

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