HAVEN exhibition now showing at Gallery M, Marion Cultural Centre, 287 Diagonal Road, Marion, South Australia.

12 June - 4 July 2021

12 noon - 4 pm (artists will be in attendance)

Etchings, Lino Prints, Drawings, Digital Prints & Ceramics by Simon Kneebone, Pirie Martin, Maryanne Martin & John Martin

Meet the Artists  

1 pm - 3 pm 19 & 26 June

and 3 July. 

Gallery Hours

Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm

Sunday 1-4pm 



Sometimes we overlook the familiar in favour of the exotic, but when the recent global pandemic shrunk our world to the space between our neighbours' fences, we were shown the true value of those tiny pockets of nature inside and around our own homes. These days the humble garden's role as a haven has never been more tangible; acting not just figuratively, but as a literal place of retreat and sanctuary. This exhibition is an intimate exploration of our personal havens, it inspired and asked us to take a closer look and reconnect with the beauty of those little places we might otherwise take for granted.


Adelaide’s response to Covid-19 in 2020 saw many people working and studying from home where the backyard and gardens in particular, took on a whole new meaning, becoming a safe haven.


Gallery M’s new exhibition, Haven, includes etchings, lino prints, drawings, digital art and ceramics by Simon Kneebone, Pirie Martin, Maryanne Martin & John Martin who took an intimate exploration of their personal havens as they reconnected with the beauty of those little places that might otherwise be taken for granted.


Simon Kneebone is a cartoonist and illustrator. His ink and watercolour sketches have been included in two previous exhibitions at Gallery M. Living in the Adelaide Hills; his works for this exhibition have been inspired by his environment and insight into human nature.


Pirie Martin has previously exhibited oil paintings and black & white etchings of the Flinders Ranges. Confined to his studio, he used 2020 to explore new media and technologies to produce digital art prints and multi-coloured etchings using his backyard for inspiration.


John Martin usually spends his time out in the landscape drawing inspiration for his etchings and lino prints from the wide Australian vistas; however in this exhibition he has taken a more intimate look at the ‘miniature’ landscapes outside his garden studio.


Maryanne Martin’s hand-built ceramic forms have been decorated using sgraffito, oxides and underglaze. Her inspiration is drawn from plants and patterns from the natural world.