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ABC…Draw and Explore

My wife, Maryanne, and I have decided to embark on a grand alphabetical tour of the suburbs of Adelaide (and perhaps even a little farther afield). We heard a Sydney couple discuss this on the radio some time ago and we have finally started our own journey. However, we are using the exercise to help Maryanne with her drawing skills and I’m thinking about putting together an exhibition documenting our travels. Using the alphabet as our map we will endeavour to venture out every two weeks as we choose suburbs we have never been to, or revisit those where it has been years since we have been out that way.

We have decided to call this little exercise ABC…Draw and Explore. Let’s go…

A is for Aldinga

Aldinga is 44 km south of Adelaide on the east coast of the Fleurieu Peninsula and is known for its beach which is suitable for 4WD vehicles, swimming, scuba diving and snorkelling. We did not do any of these things on our recent visit, preferring to drink coffee, eat lunch, draw and explore.

It has been years since either of us has ventured down to Aldinga and we were interested to see how it has grown during this time to become an outer suburb of Adelaide. We were not the only visitors though; hundreds of Corellas were ‘squawking’ their approval of our choice for the first in our ABC…Draw and Explore expeditions.

We started with a coffee and a quick drawing before heading off to the beach for a few more drawings. After a leisurely lunch of wood-fired pizza we drove along the esplanade and much to my surprise happened upon the Star of Greece restaurant which was named after a ship that was wrecked in 1888 killing 18 crew members. We had heard a lot about this place but had never been there – this is one of the reasons for these expeditions; to stumble upon places and enjoy what our State has to offer – and to draw!

Some of my drawings

Maryanne's Drawings - Plant in a bottle, Beach Steps and Seaweed.

Now, where to for 'B'?


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