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And another year begins

Following a month long trip to Japan and the Christmas and New Year social roundabout I'm back to work. Inspired by the woodblock printing, brush painting and calligraphy I saw in Japan I'm all fired up to try new methods and ideas in my work. Coupled with an exhibition I am sharing with three friends later in the year I'm looking forward to 2019 immensely. The details of the exhibition have not been any where near finalised yet but at this stage I will be exhibiting etchings, lino prints and maybe some drawings with the theme of water, the ocean and or creeks with running water. This is almost a second stage to work I did last year based on ponds and reflections in water. This time I'm more interested in moving water, the power of the ocean, the cycle of water clouds rain water, and maybe the more abstract patterns moving water provides. A lot going on in my head. We shall see what I end up with.

Here are some initial sketches just playing around with different visual aspects of water, different methods and materials. I'll keep posting the progress.


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