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And now for the steam roller.

I have just finished carving and proofing two blocks for Steam Roller Community Print event to be held at 6 Manton Street, Hindmarsh in Adelaide South Australia, organised by Union Street Printmakers and Stone and Quoin Studio. It will be held on Sunday 17th November 2019.

Participants have been given 15cm x15cm marmoleum plates.and can carve what ever design/image that fits the theme of 'summer'. The blocks will be glued to into larger blocks, inked and then pressed by running over them with a large road roller

carved lino blocks

I choose two images I always associate with summer. The first is based on a view of Arles in France seen from the hotel window when we stayed there a couple of years ago, and my love of Van Gogh and the marvelous sun filled images he produced during his stay there.

The second is based on the memories of summers spent in my youth chasing and surfing waves on the coast south of my home as well as interstate.

These are only proof prints so please excuse any flaws in the prints.

For more information about the print event go to www.unionstprintmakers.com/steamrollerprints or www.unionstprintmakers.com


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