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Art Is...

Art is...


OFF HIGHWAY ONE. Reduction lino print. 29cms x 9.5cms. Hand printed in a limited edition of 5.

This landscape is from the southern tip of the Flinders Ranges in South Australia as seen from driving along highway one towards Port Augusta. I have passed this area too many times to count either from travelling to and from my parents holiday shack near Port Augusta, from Cowell where I worked for two years in the early 19070's or from surfing trips friends and I took around the lower Eyre Peninsula in the late 1960's. I was always, and still am, taken by the linear quality of the landscape particularly the flowing nature of the rolling hills.

These posts are meant to offer simple observations about what what art is. They are my response to that question.  I don't think these are absolute answers but I hope they will encourage you to observe, think and debate to develop (or reinforce) your own definitions of "art".More of my 'art' can be seen at my online gallery by clicking HERE


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