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I have, through my interest in Chinese and Japanese scroll painting, been interested in work which can be view or read in small sections or as one whole. Viewing section by section leads you on a journey along and through the story of the image. Folded 'books' have become my choice of format which I enjoy exploring from time to time.

The above are two examples. The top drawing developed from a walk I did a few years ago along Mambray Creek in the Flinders ranges. Reading the book imitates that walk as new bits of the landscape become visible as you move along it. The drawing is done with fiber tip pens. and opens up to approximately 40cms in length. 

The second image is me just being silly, having some fun. Chinese and Japanese scrolls include poems with the painting so this was my ridiculous attempt to try this. As you can see as a poet I don't make to bad an artist/print maker.

These posts are meant to offer simple observations about what what art is. They are my response to that question.  I don’t think these are absolute answers but I hope they will encourage you to observe, think and debate to develop (or reinforce) your own definitions of “art”.More of my ‘art’ can be seen at my online gallery by clicking HERE


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