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B is for Bridgewater

Bridgewater is a small town in the Adelaide Hills just a 20 minute drive up the South Eastern Freeway from the city centre. Even though the township is so close to the city, my wife had never been there and this fit our criteria for choosing Bridgewater as our next suburb on our ABC…Draw and Explore alphabetical tour of Adelaide’s suburbs.

The township, although small, is very pretty and well-known for the historic Bridgewater Flour Mill which built around 1860. After a coffee at the local shopping centre, we chose a little spot at the end of a no through road to stop and draw.

While I perched myself on some rocks to draw Cox Creek, Maryanne chose to do a quick pen sketch of some nearby plants.

We were quite bemused by sign posts marking the Pioneering Women’s Trail which looked more like a goat track. Early German women settlers in Hahndorf started what became a regular 35k trek on foot into Adelaide carrying the produce to market. They left Hahndorf in the middle of the night arriving in the early morning at a stream in Burnside where they refreshed themselves and rested before continuing the walk to Adelaide.

After enjoying a lovely lunch at the Bridgewater Inn (they have an enormous outdoor eating area) we walked along part of the Heysen Trail which also meanders through Bridgewater.

Looking forward to our next destination starting with the letter ‘C’.


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