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Bamboo print.

Given this isolation business I have started doing a series of lino prints based on my back garden, now just about my whole world not that that's all bad.

I have chosen to do them as reduction lino prints loosely influenced by my love of Chinese and Japanese ink paintings.

The first is based on bamboo we have growing in the garden next to my studio. The Chinese consider bamboo lucky and it has symbolic qualities of harmony and balance, a couple of things that will not go amiss at present. I have deliberately kept the image simple to hopefully reflect those symbolic traits in this image.

This is a two colour reduction print from one block hand printed in an edition of six on Quill card. The image size is 15cms x 6cms.

The following are a series of images I took during the creation of this print from first sketches to final print.

Feel free to take a stroll through my gallery if you have a few minutes. CLICK HERE to enter. Lots more lino prints to see there.


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