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This year my family decided to have a Xmas with a bit of a difference. We decide to have a Buddhamas. Don't ask! It was really my sisters idea and I still can't quite figure it.

But basically it was vegetarian food, although we did sneak in some ham and turkey, pray flags for decoration instead of a Xmas tree and Chinese scrolls instead of Xmas crackers.

My job was to prepare the scrolls. Here are three examples of what you got when you unwound your scroll.

Each scroll had an image drawn with brush and ink as well as a motivational saying either attributed to Buddha or a bit tongue in cheek. I must admit I actually quite enjoyed doing these. I found it most relaxing and peaceful, something you don't always experience around Xmas when everyone is out buying food and presents especially at the last moment.

AS you may be able to guess the Buddhamas lunch was all very tongue in cheek and as my sister is vegetarian it suited her slightly more so than a tradition Xmas.

We are not sure what we will do next year but some creative minds are already at work on I think.


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