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CIMICKY is a two plate colour intaglio print. The first plate which prints the black ink is a drypoint etching using perspex as the plate. The design/ lines are scratched into the perspex creating a groove with a slightly raised bur along the edges. This creates a unique line with a slightly fuzzy quality. The second plate used was a piece of cardboard to which ink is applied using what can be many different methods. In this case there was only one colour so the ink was applied with a piece of cardboard and the gently wiped. This created a texture and variation in darkness in colour over the coloured area. As this was difficult to replicate each of the five prints in the edition are slightly different hence the edition is described as a variable edition.

Cimicky is a winery in the South West of the Barossa Valley in South Australia. This is a view across the valley from the cellar door car park. The winery was for many years a family run concern but has recently been sold to a Chinese company.

As it was winter when I visited the winery the vines were bare. I was struck by how similar their shape seemed to mimic Chinese written characters and I have tried to explore that in the print.

The print is available for purchase in my online gallery. CLICK HERE


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