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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

POOL. Reduction lino print.

This image is based on reflections in a man made pool situated in the parklsnds that surround the CBD of Adelaide.

It is a reduction lino print hand printed in an edition of 5 on acid free Stonehenge paper. Printed in 2018 the image is 12cms x 14.5cms in size using Graphic Chemical water based inks.

My lino prints are influenced by Japanese woodblock printing. I like the well defined, bold flat lines with flat, often limited colours. The forms and composition are arranged in flat spaces in generally a vertical, horizontal, asymmetrical, simple composition

This pool was in a quiet tranquil part of the parklands and it was this tranquility and peacefulness that I was inspired to express.Hopefully the image will provide a moment of calm relaxation for the viewer.

Four of the edition are available for purchase. For details click HERE

To visit the gallery to see more of my prints click HERE


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