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D is for Dublin

After delaying our ABC…Draw and Explore outing due to the Easter Long weekend we set out one week later on Anzac Day to a small town 61 kilometres from Adelaide. Dublin is a town we have passed hundreds of times on our way down the Yorke Peninsula, over to the West Coast and the many beach-side towns between. So instead of barrelling along the Port Wakefield Road, we took the side-road exit and found a sweet little town that was surprisingly busy. We stopped at a local bakery for coffee and a quick draw before walking down to the public park and through some local streets stopping at the various War Memorials along the way. From there we drove a short distance down to Thompson Beach and the Adelaide International Bird Sanctuary. While taking in the view of an endless beach we came across a guy with a ute full of pigeons. After releasing 30 or so birds we chatted to him about the intricacies of Pigeon Racing. Each season he will breed up to 200 pigeons and slowly build up their strength and endurance by taking them a little further away from home each outing. At the end of each season he will only be left with 60 or so pigeons, losing many to birds of prey, exhaustion, power lines or any number of mishaps.

There were a number of pelicans and egrets enjoying the safety of the bird sanctuary and after an invigorating walk through the sand dunes and along the beach we headed home glad to have taken the turn off Highway One.

John's sketches:

Maryanne's sketch - Abstraction of palm leaf:


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