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Dreams of an endless summer.

Sitting in my studio on this cold day at the start of winter I thought I would share with you a series of work I did some time ago to bring a bit of summer into the day.

This series was based on my memories (and fantasies) of the days I spent surfing in my youth.

I have had a good life with many enjoyable years but the years attending art school and spending just about all my spare time surfing were perhaps the most enjoyable ones of my life.

Each work is a miniature surfboard format cut to shape using illustration board onto which images of waves, beaches and seascapes have been rendered with pen ink and watercolor. Each surfboard is 22cms long x 6cms wide in size.

I hope that through each work I have conveyed the feeling of joy de vivre surfing gave me. They were times of enjoyment and contentment in my life. I read once where surfing was described as a ‘washing machine for the mind’ clearing away any problems for a period of time. Hopefully a viewer immersing themselves in these images will enjoy that moment as well.

So welcome and enjoy a few moments virtual surfing lifestyle without the sharks.

Although we had our favorite surf breaks we visited regularly we were not tied down to them alone, travelling extensively to find the best waves at an given time. With this in mind I created these works so that they were not tied to being exhibited by hanging on a wall. They could be moved easily from place to place as the owner of the work saw fit.


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