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Good Things Come In Small Packages.

I like to work small, it's a choice I make. My prints are very rarely larger than 30cms in size in any direction. Small artworks are a tradition that have roots in may cultures dating back 1,000s of years.

There are practical reasons for this choice. I have a smallish studio/work space as well as a small press which affects the size of work I can produce. Cost of materials are a factor and the small scale of my work means less space needed to store all my unsold prints.

So aside from these practical reasons I work small because my initial sketches and development drawings have a spontaneity and freshness I like to try and keep in the finished art work. I find this harder to carry over onto larger works.

I like the fact small works are more personal and private. Viewers have permission to look close and experience a moment they might have missed if they were larger scale. Small works focus peoples attention, asking to be seen again, for the viewer to slow down, creating an antidote to living in an environment of constantly increasing information, action, speed and density. Bringing large subjects down small can produce a concentrated moment, transforming things we may ignore in our daily lives into art capsules.

Small works have an inherent air of preciousness, hopefully inducing viewers to embrace them with their heart, not just with their brains. Not all things need a reason.

Visit my online gallery to view more of my small work. Click HERE


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