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Master of Aquatint.

The title of this blog is not a statement, more a challenge I've set myself if not just a dream.

In the past I have from time to time had a go at including aquatint in my etchings with varying results. Consequently I have decided its all to difficult and shelved the process.

I have explored colour using methods that don't include aquatint but lately I have been thinking of going back to black, white and grey. Much the same way the Chinese and Japanese use black and white in their landscape paintings. I like the way the Chinese use shades of "black as a colour'

So the last week or so has seen me going full bore trying out aquatint. Rather than using rosin I set up a spray paint aquatint box which I have been using. I spray into the top of the box, the larger dots of paint hitting the back wall and the finer dots of paint left in the air to slowly settle down on to the plate at the bottom.

I then tried using some old etching plates and added aquatint to them using roughly he same etching times on all of them with acceptable if some what inconsistent results.

Thinking I was getting the hang of it I spent today proofing some plates I prepared experimenting with a variety of things and it all went pear shaped.

After some #&8*%# language I retried my inking and wiping skills and at least got something close to what I was expecting.

So acutely aware of being put back into place by the Aquatint Gods I live to fight on another day. Hopefully I'll live long enough to be a master aquatinter.


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