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Messing with mono print.

My time in the studio lately has been spent drawing and doing mono prints.

I enjoy mono prints because of their relation to drawing and the the effects you can only get by transferring ink from a flat surface onto a piece of paper by applying pressure (in this case with a pencil or ball point pen) to the back of the paper.

The process can be somewhat chancy depending on the amount of ink rolled out and the pressure applied while 'drawing' but often getting results you don't quite expect is all part of the joy of working with this process.

These five prints are somewhat imaginary but in some way based on landscapes I have either visited or seen from photographs. In each I was experimenting with various aspects of the printing process.

Although similar it is virtually impossible to get the same result from any two mono prints hence each of these are one off prints in their own right.

Mid North Hills 1. Block printing inks on cartridge paper.

Mid North Hills 2. Block printing inks on cartridge paper.

Mid North Hills 3. Block printing inks on rice paper.

Rock Outcrops 1. Block printing inks on cartridge paper.

Rock Outcrops 2. Block printing inks on cartridge paper.

All prints are available for purchase in my online gallery. Click HERE to visit.


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