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Near Middleton in the gallery

Middleton is a small town about a one hour drive south of Adelaide. For many years it was one of my favourite spots on Earth. Middleton is on the coast and has a rocky point nearby which in part helps generate surfable waves. These waves I and 4 friends spent many hours playing in. Whilst at art school most of my weekends and holidays were spent surfing and Middleton was one place we could almost guarantee finding a wave.

At that time it was a small town on its own so camping in the sand hills nearby was no problem.  The only downside was that in winter the water was very cold but wet suits (when we could finally afford them) made it more comfortable.

The above print is an etching I did last year after a visit to the beach and point. It is 6.5cms wide by 10cms high hand printed on Stonehenge paper in a limited edition of 5.

Affordably priced at $60.00AUD (including postage) it is available for purchase on my online gallery.


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