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Pond Spotting in 3 acts.

POND is the latest linoprint completed for an exhibition I am sharing with two friends from June 15 to July 8 2018, at Gallery M here in Adelaide. The following is the three acts towards its completion.

Act 1 The design is traced onto the lino, any areas which are white in the final image are carved away then the block is printed with the lightest colour.

Act 2 Areas which are to remain the light colour are carved from the lino and then the block is printed over the first colour using a simplr registration board I made to get the lino and paper in the same position for each print run.

Act 3 More lino is carved away where the second colour shows in the final design and the block is printed over the other colours to create the final image in this case. This method is called reduction block printing as the lino is reduced or carved away with each colour. This image is a simple technical piece, some printmakers use this process to produce prints with large numbers of colours.

This image is based on a pond and the plants growing around it in the Adelaide Botanic Gardens. I was after a simple,  but hopefully, calm, tranquil image. The image is 9.5cms x 14cms in size printed on Stonehenge paper in an edition 6.


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