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Recent pressings.

The following are my most recent etchings. Printed over the last 3-4 weeks they are landscapes inspired by a recent visit to Kangaroo Island. My wife and I stayed in a holiday house at Emu Bay and these are based on sketches and drawings I did while there. The bay is quite large and has a wonderful beach leading up to vegetation covered sand hills. A walk from our holiday house around to near the point on the other side of the bay took around 2 hours.

This is a dry point etching using a perspex plate. The water was printed from one plate using a mono print technique and the land printed on top using a traditional intaglio process. The image is 27cms x 4cms and was handiprinted in a limited edition of three on acid free Canson paper.

As the title suggests this image is at the western end of the small township at Emu Bay. This is a hard ground and aquatint etching from a copper plate. The image is 6.5cms x 11cms hand printed n a limited edition of Five on acid free Canson Paper.

Emu Bay Rocks is a hard ground etching with aquatint etched on a copper plate. At one point the sand hills meet the beach a some outcrops of rocks which were weathered into interesting shapes that contrasted with the vegetation on the sand hills. I liked the way they jutted out onto the beach interrupting the flow of the curve of the bay. This image is 15cms x 7cms hand printed in a limited edition of five on acid free Canson paper.

These have not been included in my online gallery as yet but if you are interested in seeing more of my work feel free to visit the gallery by clicking HERE


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