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Something to crow about.

Four collograph prints of crows have been added to my online gallery. Crows have always held a fascination for me. I have wonderful memories of holidaying in the country and being woken by their very distinctive loud call. Many people in Australia, especially Victorians, call South Australians, of which I am one, crow eaters. The origin of this has a couple of supposed possibilities one of which is that many of the South Australians who went to the goldfields in Victoria from 1850 - 1870 ate crows as they were to poor for anything else. Another story explains that the year South Australia was colonized it suffered an extreme drought which mean in most cases the only food available was the local fauna especially the crows.

Even today they have a distinctive presence in the landscape both urban and rural with their size, blackness and call.

These prints in small limited edition are now available for purchase from my gallery . No middleman so my prices are affordable.


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