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Busy week in the studio this week. Started getting my head into work for an upcoming exhibition of etchings and lino prints in July this year. I choose to work around a theme of water which I'm beginning to wonder why. I'm finding it a tough subject to come to grips with.

Water always has played a fairly major part in my life. For most Australians the beach and the sea is a playground we attend regularly. In my youth I spent countless hours at the beaches around Adelaide and at our family beach shack south of Port Augusta. I swam competitively (although not successfully) and played water polo before being seduced by surfing through which I traveled to countless surf breaks in South Australia and on the East coast of Australia.

Today I still like to walk along the beach, around wetlands or near creeks as I find being near water relaxing and calming.

So this week I have concentrated exploring aspects of water such as waterfalls, the sea, water drops on glass etc and developing ideas for images around these with a mixture of success.

The following images are the results of this activity.


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