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The Isolated Garden.

As galleries are being allowed to reopened following the Corona Virus lock down I have made a submission to a gallery here in Adelaide to hold a small group exhibition with my son , wife and a friend. Simon Kneebone. At this stage we haven't had a definite response to the submission but talking to gallery staff who I know at the gallery we have a good chance of securing a spot in June next year (2021).

The theme for the exhibition is the isolated garden. Having been forced to stay at home for the last four months we have spent a lot more time in our gardens. For my part I have realized what a pleasant, peaceful place it is and what a rich subject for etchings lino prints and drawings I have in my own backyard.. I am not a gardener apart from mowing the lawn and digging out some weeds so never really took a lot of time looking closely at what we have thanks to my wife's' efforts and vision.

Given the restrictions around the CV are lifting here the concept for the exhibition may change and broaden but at this stage all four of us are working on ideas based on our own

small garden world.

Should we succeed in our submission I will post regularly the developments , stages, and preparations leading up to the exhibition. Hopefully you will find that interesting to vivt from time to time.

If we are not successful I will still work on producing some prints based on this idea and will post them in my online gallery.

The following are some early sketches and mono prints as I start to really explore the possibilities my garden will provide.

Above are two pages from my sketchbook. Beginning the journey. Below are some mono prints developing to some degree the original sketched images.


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