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The Ridgy Didge Surf Club. Chapter 1

The Ridgy Didge Surf Club was a name given to 3 of my friends and myself, by ourselves, when we spent most of our spare time in the late 1960s surfing. We were young and  surfing allowed us a very hedonistic, carefree lifestyle.

Some years back I decided to create a 'book' of etchings for my sons in an attempt to let them see part of my history and the enjoyment of life I/we experienced at that time. They were just meant to be some fun, a simple exercise for me to do to pass on the my children.

These etchings are the first four from that story. In general they are black and white but a few are hand coloured. Although in various formats the images are all aproximately 8 to 10cms wide by 8 to 12ms high.

Keep an eye out for the next chapter and come along for the ride.


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