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The washing machine for the mind.

Blue Tube. image size 7cms x 7cms Blue Curl. Image size 7cms x 7cms

These two prints stem from my days surfing many years ago. Surfing provided a free hedonistic lifestyle that co-existed with my days at art school.

I was never a great surfer but sitting behind the break, waiting for waves, catching and riding them was a form of meditation for me at the time. It's best described by a quote "the washing machine for the mind". Sorry I cannot remember who originally coined it.

The surfers dream at this time was to be able to ride the wave inside the tube formed by the wave breaking over the top of you. Given the size of the waves at my local South Australian surfing spots this didn't happen very often. Even so it is the subject I have used in a number of prints to express my fond memories of the joy and contentment surfing gave me.

These prints are block prints. The design is carved into a 'block' and the ink is rolled over the raised surfaces and then transferred to paper. Blocks can be lino, wood, cardboard, or any substance solid enough to carve into .In this case the printing blocks are surfboard wax used to create a closer link between the process and the subject. The wax was soft, making fine details difficult but the simplicity of the image communicates the simple pleasure surfing provided me.

Each of these prints are hand printed in limited editions of 4 on Stonehenge acid free paper. They are both available for sale in my online gallery shop for $70.00AUD. They are sold unframed (frames shown above are for display purposes only) and postage and handling are included in the price.

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