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The Yellow Studio - Mini Me.

These are proof prints and color test for a series of mini prints I have been working on over the last week. The largest of these are only 8cms x 6cms in size. They are all etchings apart from the top right which is a dry point. 

My work has always been relatively small. I have never been interested in doing large - super size prints. Small works invite intimacy from the viewer. They present the touch of the artist since the size of the marks to that of the whole work is somewhat larger.


Miniature art has been made for over 1000 years and is prized by collectors. Museums around the world have collections of miniature paintings, drawings, original prints and etchings, and sculpture. In the West miniature painting emerged at the time of the Renaissance from the medieval practice of illuminating (decorating and illustrating) manuscript books.

I have nothing against large artworks, they have their place but in a world where more and more people get a lot of their visual communication through a screen not much bigger than these prints I am enjoying exploring small images in my work.


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