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Thoughts, experiments and memories.

I like to draw!

For a number of reasons.

First its a type of meditation. If I don't draw something a least every couple of days ZI start to get a bit fidgety.

Secondly it is part of my process from taking an initial impression of a particular subject and then working that up to a finished image either as a drawing itself or as an etching or lino print This involves quick loose sketches through to more detailed images. It is also most often the most enjoyable aspect of my work.

Thirdly drawing gives me a chance to experiment with different methods and materials and to explore different styles.

Lastly they are a record of either memories of places I have visited or a record of a place I wish to remember when I am back in the studio needing a new image to print.

The following are some of the drawings I have done this year. They in themselves are finished drawings but a few may be a step towards a printed image.

All drawings a drawn in fiber tipped pen and lead or coloured pencil and sizes vary but are all less than 12cms tall and 9cms wide.


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