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Three Versions.

I set myself a small challenge over the last few days as part of my daily drawing sessions.

I took one image and drew it using a different medium each time. I wanted to explore how the different mediums might change the image itself and the mood or feeling of the image.

The three mediums I chose were fiber tip pen, a mono printing technique and brush and ink.

The following are the results.

Fiber Tip Pen

I draw mostly with a pen and ink of some sort, either fiber tip pen as in this case or with nib pen and ink. The drawing relates closely to what I like to achieve in my etchings and to some degree my lino prints. I like to explore the marks, lines and surfaces I can get using this medium.

Mono print using water based block printing ink

This is a mono type, a form of mono printing where ink is transferred from a surface, in this case tracing paper, onto paper. The grey was achieved by 'blotting' ink onto the tracing paper and then pressing onto the printed surface. The black was achieved by rolling black ink onto another piece of tracing paper an then laying it over the grey and drawing onto the back of the tracing paper thus transferring the ink to the printed surface.

Although there is a element of chance in this process as the amounts of ink, the pressures applied etc, do vary, I really enjoy creating these images. I particularly like the somewhat fuzzy appearance of the line work, and the textures you can achieve.

Brush and ink

Lastly using brush and ink. I really like the Chinese and Japanese brush and ink paintings and I enjoy working this way from time to time. Not nearly as good as any of their work, but fun to do occasionally as a break from the main mediums I use.

There are parts of all of these I like and was pleased to achieve but my favorite of the three would be the mono print. Feel free to let me know your favorite.


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