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What's in a pencil box.

I read recently 'The secret to a good life is in your pencil box'. Here are some of the pencil collection in mine.

My wife often accuses me of collecting and hoarding mess around the house. To some degree I'll admit she is right. I'm not really a dedicated collector but one thing I do keep a look out for are pencils. I like the promotional pencils printed with images, brand, logos and or place names. Most I collect when I'm lucky enough to travel. ( I ask my friends to pick me up any if the travel as well). They act as a reminder of places I've been and things I've seen. A step above (or below you may say) the good old T-Shirt.

As an artist, and one who likes drawing a lot, pencils have always been of interest to me and in some ways almost like another finger on my right hand. Collecting them for fun is just an extension of that.


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