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Rejected! It should be my middle name, or it should be tattooed on my chest. It was a constant presence as a cartoonist and it still follows me around. Three of my works, a drawing and two prints were rejected, or should I say truthfully, they didn't make the final cut to two exhibitions this week. They didn't tell me to stock my studio with thick skin at art school. One of the joys of being an artist I guess.

CROWS UP NORTH. Pen ink and wash on illustration board. 40cms x 19cms. Available for sale in the SHOP


Hold your horses. I visited Gallery M this afternoon where one of my drawings is 'featuring' in the Red House group exhibition and it sprouted a red dot at the opening. So there rejection, back in your box.


Amongst all this I have continued along the tunnel to my exhibition next month, as well as doing some drawing to relax along the way. I have been working with pen and ink using either a pen my son brought back from Venice for me or a bamboo pen made from bamboo growing in our garden. I'm experimenting with drawing in black first and then working over it with a limited color palette. Hoping I might be able to develop this in some future etchings.

EUDUNDA LANDSCAPE. Bamboo pen and ink. 17.6cms x 13cms on Canson cartridge paper.

Available for sale in the SHOP


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