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I was more or less able to finish my prints for my upcoming exhibition in a few weeks time. So I gave myself some time over the weekend to just relax and do some drawing. Most enjoyable.

My drawing is heavily inspired by the drawings of Van Gogh. I really like the profusion of lines and marks he uses which give the images a vibrancy, emphasizing the form, movement and texture of the landscape. The lines and dots are an imaginative representation rather than an accurate depiction of reality but not at the expense of the subject matter.

I like to draw with pen (either with metal nibs or with homemade bamboo pens) and ink, or for sketching fine point felt pens. Although I find drawing very meditative I enjoy the risk taking needed working with materials that cannot be corrected.   Although my drawings a drawn as an object in their own right each is also a starting point for a possible etching or lino print. The pen and ink give me a similar drawing quality I like to  achieve in my etching. In my lino prints I may simplify the profusion of marks and lines but each drawing is a stepping stone in the thought process to that end.

I have used colour in my lino prints for some time  but have been more comfortable to work in black and white in my drawings and etchings. I am now experimenting with colour in these areas, enjoying exploring flat vibrant areas of colour with the vibrancy of the drawn black or dark grey lines. With each 'experiment' new possibilities are opening up to me which I hope to pursue in he coming months. 


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