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Yellow Studio sketchbook.

Recently I visited a local art gallery to see an exhibition of works by a number of artists based on the subject of still life. I was quite amazed to see that nearly every work in the exhibition was based on flowers in various arrangements (mostly arranged in a vase). I couldn't find out if that was a more specific theme for the exhibition but it got me thinking if I had to some work to put into a still life exhibition what would I do. Here is a page of sketches in answer to that question.

These use as their subject the objects that tend to end up cluttering up the desk in my studio. The pens and brushes I like to use to draw with, the ink and paint containers  I have, tubes of printing ink waiting to be put away in their proper place and scraps of paper with doodles I do trying out various ideas. 

Done initially as a fun exercise I think I have a number of possibilities for some lino prints here which I will explore over the next few months with the aim of having a small online exhibition at here at my Martinart Gallery. 


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