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Yellow Studio sketchbook

Over the last couple of days I have done some proof prints experimenting with the colour plate in my latest attempts at adding colour to my etchings. This is basically using a piece of cardboard printed as either a mono-print or collotype with the black etched copper plate printer over the top. In each of the above I have experimented with creating different surfaces either by:

  • peeling away layers/areas of cardboard

  • painting glue onto the surface to create raised lines

  • gluing a different surface to the cardboard, in this case wet and dry glass paper

  • simply painting colour onto the surface

Although interesting in their own right, none of these images suited the effect I initially wanted in the final print so I stuck with the simplest method of dabbing some colour onto the cardboard surface and then gently wiping it back. This resulted in a more satisfying image as the colour doesn't compete so much with the lines which I felt was the problem using the other methods.


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