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You win some you lose some

I have spent the last couple of days trying to develop what I hope will become two new etchings. The images are based on some oservation and photos i took recently at a park near where I live.

Observation sketches. Fountain pen on paper.

The first I tried was the reflection of a tree trunk in pools of water amongst the rocks in a creek.

Developmental sketces. Fibre tip pen and cloured pencil on paper.

Still haven't come to grips with with the composition of the image but it's a work in progress. Don't sort of mind the bottom left and bottom right but may go back to the original drawing and re think it in that way.

Development sketches. Fire tip pens and coloured pencil

The second image fell in place almost from the start. Just a couple of tweeks and I'm happy with the result.

This is part of the process I most often like the best. Simple drawings which in some ways are my private thoughts developing into images of things I like that I am happy to share with the world.


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